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New York Fashion Week – Day 6

Today we had the amazing opportunity to do our own editorial photo shoot.  We met at a photographic studio in Brooklyn and were joined by the fabulous Lauren McCowen and her team along with16 models  and a cool and quirky wardrobe to choose from.  We worked in teams which was fun and allowed for creative input from each person. We chose our own models and clothes to put together a collection of photographs that we can use in the salon or for social networking. It was an awesome fun and creative day and with Lauren’s expertise we learnt a lot about dressing hair specifically for the camera.

These are some fun shots and we look toward to seeing the finished product soon!


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New York Fashion Week – Day 5







Another incredible day in New York city!  Just when we thought things could not possibly get any better, the excitement levels stepped up again!

The designer for todays parade was New York based costume/fashion designer Bibhu Mohapatra, born in the Orrissa region in India.  At 44 years of age, Bibhu has a love of fashion and channels this into costume design for opera and theater.  One of his most famous clients is First Lady Michelle Obama.

I was speechless at how incredibly beautiful his gowns where and I have to say I’ve never seen a man tie the most beautiful bows.  It was so fantastic to watch him work and straighten each gown as the models stepped out onto the catwalk.  We helped complete the finishing touches on the models with Lauren McCowan from Evo.  Lauren was our hair director and gave us a fantastic briefing and clear direction which she had been giving from the designer Bibhu.

The hair look was a very specific textured wave  with a low side part and a sweeping fringe that went into a twist with one side behind the shoulder and the other side over the shoulder.

We loved every minute.  Mandy also had the chance to watch the rehearsal!

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New York Fashion Week – Day 4

We had a great day doing a cutting workshop with Jules Tognini, really cool venue in a rustic studio on the 12th floor penthouse not far from Times Square.  It was great to learn from such a creative, natural and fresh educator.

We did some cool techniques, cut a medium length shag, worked on some different under cutting techniques and had a good laugh, finishing with a few beers on the rooftop!!


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New York Fashion Week – Day 3

Today we where lucky enough to work back stage at the Libertine fashion Parade.  Designer Johnson Hartig who is based in Los Angelas started  his label in 2001. I would describe his work as pieces of art, avante grade, produced from sublime screen printed material with a modern punk edge.

We worked with an English, New York based hairdresser Kenna who owns a salon called Kennaland in Brooklyn.  Kenna and Johnson collaborate to design the hair styles for the show. Johnson was really clear about the look for the hair, messy texture, slightly not done, modern punk with black clips to be placed in front of both ears.  The style was very deconstructed and I think the hardest thing about it was just getting the vision out of the designers/artists heads.  Once communicated we practice the hair style on mannequins in Kenna’s salon.

The parade was scheduled for 6 pm and at 3 pm we arrived at the venue ready for action!  There where 35 models and it was like being in a mix master with brushes and pins being thrown from one side of the room to the other, high pressure but fantastic buzz!  The clothes where so stunning and the experience was so awesome to watch.  The models file out on to the stage and we were privileged to be standing right next to Johnson Hartig while the parade was on!!

It was such a monumental career moment for all 3 of us!!



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New York Fashion Week – Day 2


Today we took part in a business seminar located on a roof top in Tribecca overlooking the Hudson River. It was such an incredible view and such a beautiful warm day. After that Evo organized a walking tour around Soho, little Italy and china town. Our tour guide Cliff was great and had a plethora of ghost stories and celebrity gossip to share with us all!


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