Shampoo Wars

The real shampoo story and what you need to know.

Now that you have assessed the condition on your hair… and gone over the 6 ‘hair areas’ …

1. Minimal Shedding
2. Smooth texture & your hair has life, bounce and volume
3. Dandruff free scalp
4. Minimal breakage, split ends and your hair has elasticity
5. Natural shine and lustre
6. Hair repels water and responds with little change in humidity

…to work towards your #hairgoals, it’s now time to assess how you manage your hair in your daily/weekly routine. It is absolutely imperative that you consider this age old debate over Supermarket Shampoo versus Professional Shampoo.

We are conditioned to watch and assess what we put into our mouths, the food that we ingest especially for those of us that are interested in gut health or have specific ailments that can be helped through the nutrients processed in our body. The same importance is not often put on the products we use externally… its not seen as impacting because we (think we) can wash it away.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and it protects us from the elements, regulates our temperature and permits sensation.

The significance of skin as a route of exposure is more prevalent than we realise, the World Health Organisation (WHO) are continuing research through further dermal absorption studies. It’s imperative that we begin to take into account the absorption of different chemicals and toxic substance that can occur through the skin, for our own health.

When we break down the ”Shampoo War” there are 3 topics that are to be considered.

  1. Ingredients
  2. Look and feel of your hair
  3. Price



There are 2 major controversial ingredients that appear in Supermarket Shampoo; parabens and sulphates

  1. (SLS)Sodium Laurel SULFATE – is an inexpensive grease cutting detergent. This puts the soapy bubbles into your shampoo and makes you “think” that your hair is getting clean. In actual fact this is what strips your colour, AND they can also strip the goodness from your hair and even worse your scalp. SLS is also used to de-grease car engines and as floor cleaners, this should be cause enough to get that supermarket shampoo and conditioner off your shelf!
    SLS has also been linked to nitrosamines which enable the body to absorb nitrates and are known to be carcinogenic (you know those yukky compounds that cause cancer)
  2. PARABENS – actually have no benefits whatsoever ever in your shampoo. Parabens are basically a preservative and therefore help cheap products to maintain a longer shelf life, they also cause rashes and other skin irritations, We try to avoid preservatives in our food, so why allow preservatives to come into contact with your largest organ on your body – your skin?



You may have noticed that when you use supermarket shampoo your hair can quite often feel smooth/soft maybe even flat and coated but not really feel clean. This is because the surfactant molecules used in cheap shampoo are quite large, therefore are not as easily absorbed into the hair, and often leave a coating around the outside of the hair shaft. In professional shampoos the surfactant  moleciules are smaller which means they travel deeper into the hair to give it a better clean.



We all know the how the ‘cost formula’ works…

You get what you pay for!

The higher the price of a product, the more time has been taken to carefully source and select high quality ingredients and then to test the product over and over to ensure the product is and does exactly what it says. Ensuring higher standards of production and testing to provide a better standard of living.

When you attend your appointment at the salon, you work hard with your stylist to achieve a specific look that you have in mind. If you then return home and wash your hair in a cheap detergent for the next six weeks you come away with a reduced return on your hair investment. The colour will fade quicker and will leave your hair damaged making further colour treatments difficult to apply.

Lets flip the coin and look at using professional product to ensure colour longevity in-between salon appointments, really notice the difference in hair health and recognise that the spend really isn’t much more because less quantity is required when using quality products.

Here at The Basin we supply a varied range of professional shampoo and conditioner that ranges in price from $24-46, and our range is Australian made and in one particular case, South Australian made!

It’s so nice to support local!

Professional Shampoo

NO Parabens
Small Surfactant Molecules
non carcinogenic
healthy, shiny, light, easy to manage hair

Supermarket Shampoo

Large Surfactant Molecules
potentially carcinogenic
toxic dermal absorption
heavy, coated, colour fading, breaking, whispy, dry hair

Ultimately the health of your body impacts the condition of your hair. We have addressed two levels of consideration – the external effects of SLS and Parabens means stripping your hair colour, weakened hair strand condition, scalp and skin irritations and reduction in natural production of oils. Then the second level via dermal absorption where toxic unwanted substances can enter our circulation and can impact not just our hair health but our overall health.

When all the information is taken into consideration, there is no real ‘Shampoo War’ on our hands or hair. The choice is clear, for hair and body health the professional shampoo ranges are the victor.

Talk to and trust in your stylist, they know!
Then tune into the next edition of the Basin Blog for Part 3 and discover how treatments play a role in supporting your #hairgoals!