Principal Stylists

We asked each of our Stylists the following questions:

Question 1 – What do you love about the hairdressing industry?

Question 2 – What are your passions outside of work?

Question 3 – If you could choose a famous client, who would it be and why?


I love that this industry is ever changing, surrounded by fashion & creative, dynamic, caring people.
Keen cyclist and triathlete and also enjoy being a Dad and Husband.
Love to do Donald Trump’s hair.  He would be very interesting and someone needs to fix that hair!


Love making esteem building change for clients. Teaching and leading an amazing team. Every day is different.
Travelling the path less travelled. Cycling, running, food and wine.
Sir Edmund Hillary – What was the journey for the first man to summit Everest like?


Forever changing, rewarding.
Family, friends, reading, relaxing and eating my husband’s cooking.
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis – Amazing style, challenging life, caring, beautiful woman.


It’s forever evolving with different fashions and trends so you are always learning.
Renovating my house and yoga.
Russell Brand – I’d love to style that crazy hairdo and he would be a laugh too.


Discussing and creating a look and feel that clients want!
Fitness, food, cooking, family, friends, puppies.
Channing Tatum or Chris Hemsworth – Funny fit and hot!


The Basin Team, artistic, challenges at recreating styles, always learning and improving.
Family and friends, shopping, home decorating, watching TV, reading.
Taylor Swift. Amazing, stylish, great canvas for endless possibilities!


It’s an exciting industry that never stays the same.
The arts and live music gigs.
David Bowie – I would love to be responsible for one of his iconic looks.


I love that it gives me the chance to be creative and artistic.  I especially love meeting different people, hearing their stories and making them feel good.  It makes my day.
I love being social, food and ever thing about it, my dog and WINE.
I would love to have a good old chat with David Attenborough.  His knowledge and experiences would blow my mind!


I like the diversity of beautiful, glamorous looks as well as funky, bright rock star styles!
Travel, hockey and food
Kanye West – So that I can convince him not to become president in2020!


I love the creative side and how the industry in always evolving.
I love being social, listening to music and being outdoors.
Drew Barrymore – because she seems down to earth, funny and I’m sure she would have a few good stories to share.