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The Basin Guide to Great Hair… Part 2

Shampoo Wars

The real shampoo story and what you need to know.

Now that you have assessed the condition on your hair… and gone over the 6 ‘hair areas’ …

1. Minimal Shedding
2. Smooth texture & your hair has life, bounce and volume
3. Dandruff free scalp
4. Minimal breakage, split ends and your hair has elasticity
5. Natural shine and lustre
6. Hair repels water and responds with little change in humidity

…to work towards your #hairgoals, it’s now time to assess how you manage your hair in your daily/weekly routine. It is absolutely imperative that you consider this age old debate over Supermarket Shampoo versus Professional Shampoo.

We are conditioned to watch and assess what we put into our mouths, the food that we ingest especially for those of us that are interested in gut health or have specific ailments that can be helped through the nutrients processed in our body. The same importance is not often put on the products we use externally… its not seen as impacting because we (think we) can wash it away.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and it protects us from the elements, regulates our temperature and permits sensation.

The significance of skin as a route of exposure is more prevalent than we realise, the World Health Organisation (WHO) are continuing research through further dermal absorption studies. It’s imperative that we begin to take into account the absorption of different chemicals and toxic substance that can occur through the skin, for our own health.

When we break down the ”Shampoo War” there are 3 topics that are to be considered.

  1. Ingredients
  2. Look and feel of your hair
  3. Price



There are 2 major controversial ingredients that appear in Supermarket Shampoo; parabens and sulphates

  1. (SLS)Sodium Laurel SULFATE – is an inexpensive grease cutting detergent. This puts the soapy bubbles into your shampoo and makes you “think” that your hair is getting clean. In actual fact this is what strips your colour, AND they can also strip the goodness from your hair and even worse your scalp. SLS is also used to de-grease car engines and as floor cleaners, this should be cause enough to get that supermarket shampoo and conditioner off your shelf!
    SLS has also been linked to nitrosamines which enable the body to absorb nitrates and are known to be carcinogenic (you know those yukky compounds that cause cancer)
  2. PARABENS – actually have no benefits whatsoever ever in your shampoo. Parabens are basically a preservative and therefore help cheap products to maintain a longer shelf life, they also cause rashes and other skin irritations, We try to avoid preservatives in our food, so why allow preservatives to come into contact with your largest organ on your body – your skin?



You may have noticed that when you use supermarket shampoo your hair can quite often feel smooth/soft maybe even flat and coated but not really feel clean. This is because the surfactant molecules used in cheap shampoo are quite large, therefore are not as easily absorbed into the hair, and often leave a coating around the outside of the hair shaft. In professional shampoos the surfactant  moleciules are smaller which means they travel deeper into the hair to give it a better clean.



We all know the how the ‘cost formula’ works…

You get what you pay for!

The higher the price of a product, the more time has been taken to carefully source and select high quality ingredients and then to test the product over and over to ensure the product is and does exactly what it says. Ensuring higher standards of production and testing to provide a better standard of living.

When you attend your appointment at the salon, you work hard with your stylist to achieve a specific look that you have in mind. If you then return home and wash your hair in a cheap detergent for the next six weeks you come away with a reduced return on your hair investment. The colour will fade quicker and will leave your hair damaged making further colour treatments difficult to apply.

Lets flip the coin and look at using professional product to ensure colour longevity in-between salon appointments, really notice the difference in hair health and recognise that the spend really isn’t much more because less quantity is required when using quality products.

Here at The Basin we supply a varied range of professional shampoo and conditioner that ranges in price from $24-46, and our range is Australian made and in one particular case, South Australian made!

It’s so nice to support local!

Professional Shampoo

NO Parabens
Small Surfactant Molecules
non carcinogenic
healthy, shiny, light, easy to manage hair

Supermarket Shampoo

Large Surfactant Molecules
potentially carcinogenic
toxic dermal absorption
heavy, coated, colour fading, breaking, whispy, dry hair

Ultimately the health of your body impacts the condition of your hair. We have addressed two levels of consideration – the external effects of SLS and Parabens means stripping your hair colour, weakened hair strand condition, scalp and skin irritations and reduction in natural production of oils. Then the second level via dermal absorption where toxic unwanted substances can enter our circulation and can impact not just our hair health but our overall health.

When all the information is taken into consideration, there is no real ‘Shampoo War’ on our hands or hair. The choice is clear, for hair and body health the professional shampoo ranges are the victor.

Talk to and trust in your stylist, they know!
Then tune into the next edition of the Basin Blog for Part 3 and discover how treatments play a role in supporting your #hairgoals!

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The Basin Guide to Great Hair… Part 1

Achieving Great Hair – Part One

The Basin definition of healthy hair.

Beautiful, bouncy, shiny, full flowing hair…

Is that what comes to mind when ‘healthy’ hair is mentioned. Or do you cower and think

oh, no, please don’t look at my hair!

Here at the Basin, we want to come at you with the honest truth about what really, to us, constitutes healthy hair. You may be closer than you think!

So, how do we assess the condition of our hair?

  • Are you outside often and exposing your hair to UV rays?
  • Do you swim in chlorinated pools, or are you at the beach in all the sunny, sandy, windy and salty elements (hello summer!)?
  • Are you applying heat to your hair daily for styling?
  • Do you colour or chemically treat your hair often?


These are all factors that contribute to the condition of your hair and your ability to have longevity in the look that you are after. There are many different perspectives on how we measure healthy hair, it could be length, volume or shine… so its important to get familiar with the characteristics that define healthy hair for you and the environment in which you hair lives.

The Basin Crew have collated 6 ‘hairy areas’ that we believe can help you to identify your individual hairy conditions. Through this series of blog posts we hope to then assist you to hone in on your own #HairGoals, cultivating your luscious locks in your own unique way towards strong, shiny, long, voluminous or however you choose to define healthy hair.

1. Minimal Shedding – Its completely natural to loose some hair each day, in the shower, when brushing etc. There should be approximately 80 strands of hair that are lost each day. (note this amount is not applicable to pregnant women, those in hormone or other therapies)

2. Smooth texture & your hair has life, bounce and volume – how does your hair feel as you run your fingers through your locks. Do they slide right though or do they get tangled, and does your mane feel smooth and soft or brittle and dry?

3. Dandruff free scalp – a healthy scalp should have a continuous pigment similar to the rest of the body with no irritation or discolouration.

4. Minimal breakage, split ends and your hair has elasticity – if you tug on your hair does it bounce back into its natural form? If you are experiencing breakage there could be a lack of moisture and elasticity.

5. Natural shine and lustre – healthy hair doesn’t need extra oils to give it sheen, if your hair is shiny in its natural state this means that the cuticles are lying flat therefore creating a smooth flat surface for the light to reflect off.

6. Hair repels water and responds with little change in humidity – Hair will take on its natural texture when exposed to excessive moisture. Extremely porous hair responds to humidity by frizzing.

How are you feeling about your hair?

We all have an intimate love/hate relationship with our hair. We hope you can now clearly identify where you feel your hair balance lies. Remember the Crew at the Basin are here to help you achieve more love, love, love, with your gorgeous locks.

Keep moving towards achieving your #hairgoals, chat to us in the chair at your next appointment and keep a keen eye out for the next installment… The “Shampoo Wars” the real story and what you need to know!

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Chats at The Basin – 15 years young

Chats at the Basin

Did you know we turned 15?!


So, how did the Basin begin?

A chance meeting on an airplane in 1994, then the opportunity to work together teaching hairdressing at Sherman’s hairdressing academy in 1998 all lead to collaborating together in 2002 to start the Basin Haircutters.

What has been your biggest success?

To be completely honest the first success to our 15 years was finding the perfect fit as business partners. This set the foundation for everything else!

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve experienced over 15 years?

The Mandy & Steve partnership is a good base to build a great business, and would you believe we haven’t had one argument in all those years…!!!

What are you most proud of?

The Basin has been very fortunate to have many loyal clients and amazing staff come through the doors. We feel very proud of the team of people we have built past and present.

Why do you think the Basin has been so successful?

Probably because we still feel so passionate about developing young hairdressers and providing the best career support possible for the hairdressers that have been with us for years. If you didn’t think hairdressing was a career option – speak to  Mel Macy who has now been with the Basin for 14 years!

What’s in the future for the Basin?

We are completely dedicated to continue to deliver exceptional hair services and products, along with education and training for the Hair Industry. We really look forward to the future and the exciting changes that come with moving forward.

Last words…

Thank you all for sharing your world with us through your hair services and we sincerely thank those who have been there for the whole 15 year journey,

Here’s to coming of age next year!!


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Chats at The Basin – Sarah Riccuto

Chats at the Basin

Rad people who inspire us.


“Many women want a man that is already established. A strong woman will be a part of his struggle, survive it, succeed together and build an empire” – Unknown

…or a new AFL team!

Nearly twenty years ago I was very fortunate to meet Sarah Riccuto. It was in a very formal environment, I was young, I didn’t know anyone and I was petrified… until Sarah arrived. It was as though her aura extended out and embraced everyone around her with kindness and understanding. It just took a small conversation to put me at ease and I knew she was there for me from that point on. Anyone who has ever met Sarah will attend to this – she is the most beautiful soul. Everyone in her presence feel comfortable, welcome and that they can be completely themselves.

Fast forward to September 2017… can you even begin to imagine what the Riccuto household looks like…?? A husband who works radio and is up at ridiculous hours of the morning with a breakfast broadcasting schedule along with board commitments for a national league sporting team add into that mix SIX children between the ages of 1 and 10. The organising, the cleaning, the meal preparations, the supermarket shopping, the transportation to school, kindy, childcare, and the kids entertainment…

And then I remember Sarah is at the helm of the Riccuto Homestead and I understand; everyone in her family was meant to find her.

Take a look at the people behind those who are successful and you will find that they are just as driven and motivated, Michelle Obama, Melinda Gates… Sarah Riccuto. Research tells us that success is not about intelligence or talent or status… it’s about grit. Its about digging in and getting the job done and continuing to do so even as your motivation ebs and flows.

This girl from Port Augusta knows all about that.

We are so fortunate to have Sarah visit us at the Basin, we are absolutely certain that you will love her too so we wanted to share a little piece of Mrs Riccuto… Enjoy!


Tell us a little bit about your journey and how you’ve come to arrive here?

I grew up in Port Augusta. Moved to Adelaide when I was 17 for better job opportunities. I worked in retail and then in Administration before landing my dream job as a mum.

Who is in your family? Ages? Names?

Husband; Mark 42. Daughters; Sophie 10 & Rosie 5, and the boys Nick 9, Joe 7, Rock 3, Tommy 1.

How did you choose your children’s names?

Sophie was the only girls name that Mark and I both loved. Nick has been named after our grandfathers. Joe is named after Mark’s cousin and best friend who passed away. Rosie was another name we loved. Rocco was the nick name of all our baby bumps prior to his birth… so it grew on us. Tommy was a random name we all liked so we put it to a vote for the listeners of Triple M!!

Your location?


Your occupation?


What’s on your vision/inspiration board?

Kitchen and Bathroom ideas

Tell us some of your most loved ways to spend the day with your clan?

In front of the fire with the kids cooking damper and playing in the back yard

What are some silly/ fun things that the kids do or say?

There are SO many things …. One of the funniest is that Rocco actually thought MacDonalds was a farm.

Rosie Just told me the other day my stomach looked like play dough because it was white and soft and squishy.

When you were a teenager what did you dream of? Do things look different?

Working, travelling, marrying my dream man and having lots of children. Luckily I met a man who wanted the same things.

What are some things you really believe in?

Helping others

Nature play with kids

Where do your passions lie?

Encouraging my children to be the best they can be.

Has your relationship with your other half changed since having kids?

We value our time together more.

What are some of your favourite life lessons you’ve grown to love (even if they were hard at the time)?

I can’t fix everything or other people’s problems if they don’t want the help.

What do you wish you could have told yourself when you were a teenager?

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

What do you find most challenging about being someone’s parent?

The overwhelming protective instinct

What do you want your kids to learn about the world?

To be open minded and treat people the way they would want to be treated.

What are four things you can’t live without?

My family, friends, food, and my bus

How do you make a statement?

Get a new hair cut

What is your favourite hair trick when you don’t have enough time to blow-dry/style?

The good old pony or messy bun

We adore you at the Basin, what do you love about the basin?

The people

What makes great hair?

Mel (Macy, Principal Stylist)

What hair product can you not live without?

Mane Tamer by Evo

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Chats at The Basin – Jade Nokes

Chats at the Basin

Rad people who inspire us.

Ever since Jade could hold a pencil she has loved art. Whether it was trying to colour within the lines & paint watercolour pictures at Kindergarten or learn how to make paper-mache objects in primary school, most art forms have not only felt natural to learn but been super enjoyable.

Jade was in Year 10 when her adored Art and Design teacher recognised a spark when working with Acrylic Paint and suggested that she try something new. Jade only briefly remembers how it all started, but she knew how natural it felt to pick up a paint brush and just paint.

Jade recognises that she would not have the same passion for Abstract Art if her teacher didn’t believe in her. Being only 18, Jade certainly has a bright and colourful future ahead of her.

I can only hope that showcasing my pieces for SALA in The Basin Haircutters Salon will allow me to continue doing what I love. I’m excited for what’s to come. – Jade Nokes


Names? Age? Who is in your family?

My name is Jade Nokes and I am 18 years old, still living at home with my Mum and Dad and 2 younger brothers.

Tell us some of your most loved ways to spend the day?

Although I love spending my days at the beach, amoung nature, shopping or at my dance studio, I am a home girl so I love being with my family or getting stuck into a painting. I love having a few days where I don’t have any plans and can be spontaneous as much as I love having a routine that I can stick too and feel some-what organised.

What are some of your favourite life lessons?

Although I am only young, a quote my mum constantly reminds me of when I’m not feeling confident or strong enough to accomplish something, is to ‘Do it afraid.’ She constantly pushes me to step out of where my comfort lies, to feel the fear and to do it regardless.


This month the Basin Haircutters has exploded in a sea of incredible colours. The Jade Nokes SALA exhibition will be located in the Salon for the entire month of August. We invite you to come in and view the fusion of acrylic art on canvas with the dynamic hair styling surrounds.

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