Achieving Great Hair – Part One

The Basin definition of healthy hair.

Beautiful, bouncy, shiny, full flowing hair…

Is that what comes to mind when ‘healthy’ hair is mentioned. Or do you cower and think

oh, no, please don’t look at my hair!

Here at the Basin, we want to come at you with the honest truth about what really, to us, constitutes healthy hair. You may be closer than you think!

So, how do we assess the condition of our hair?

  • Are you outside often and exposing your hair to UV rays?
  • Do you swim in chlorinated pools, or are you at the beach in all the sunny, sandy, windy and salty elements (hello summer!)?
  • Are you applying heat to your hair daily for styling?
  • Do you colour or chemically treat your hair often?


These are all factors that contribute to the condition of your hair and your ability to have longevity in the look that you are after. There are many different perspectives on how we measure healthy hair, it could be length, volume or shine… so its important to get familiar with the characteristics that define healthy hair for you and the environment in which you hair lives.

The Basin Crew have collated 6 ‘hairy areas’ that we believe can help you to identify your individual hairy conditions. Through this series of blog posts we hope to then assist you to hone in on your own #HairGoals, cultivating your luscious locks in your own unique way towards strong, shiny, long, voluminous or however you choose to define healthy hair.

1. Minimal Shedding – Its completely natural to loose some hair each day, in the shower, when brushing etc. There should be approximately 80 strands of hair that are lost each day. (note this amount is not applicable to pregnant women, those in hormone or other therapies)

2. Smooth texture & your hair has life, bounce and volume – how does your hair feel as you run your fingers through your locks. Do they slide right though or do they get tangled, and does your mane feel smooth and soft or brittle and dry?

3. Dandruff free scalp – a healthy scalp should have a continuous pigment similar to the rest of the body with no irritation or discolouration.

4. Minimal breakage, split ends and your hair has elasticity – if you tug on your hair does it bounce back into its natural form? If you are experiencing breakage there could be a lack of moisture and elasticity.

5. Natural shine and lustre – healthy hair doesn’t need extra oils to give it sheen, if your hair is shiny in its natural state this means that the cuticles are lying flat therefore creating a smooth flat surface for the light to reflect off.

6. Hair repels water and responds with little change in humidity – Hair will take on its natural texture when exposed to excessive moisture. Extremely porous hair responds to humidity by frizzing.

How are you feeling about your hair?

We all have an intimate love/hate relationship with our hair. We hope you can now clearly identify where you feel your hair balance lies. Remember the Crew at the Basin are here to help you achieve more love, love, love, with your gorgeous locks.

Keep moving towards achieving your #hairgoals, chat to us in the chair at your next appointment and keep a keen eye out for the next installment… The “Shampoo Wars” the real story and what you need to know!