Chats at the Basin

Rad people who inspire us.

Ever since Jade could hold a pencil she has loved art. Whether it was trying to colour within the lines & paint watercolour pictures at Kindergarten or learn how to make paper-mache objects in primary school, most art forms have not only felt natural to learn but been super enjoyable.

Jade was in Year 10 when her adored Art and Design teacher recognised a spark when working with Acrylic Paint and suggested that she try something new. Jade only briefly remembers how it all started, but she knew how natural it felt to pick up a paint brush and just paint.

Jade recognises that she would not have the same passion for Abstract Art if her teacher didn’t believe in her. Being only 18, Jade certainly has a bright and colourful future ahead of her.

I can only hope that showcasing my pieces for SALA in The Basin Haircutters Salon will allow me to continue doing what I love. I’m excited for what’s to come. – Jade Nokes


Names? Age? Who is in your family?

My name is Jade Nokes and I am 18 years old, still living at home with my Mum and Dad and 2 younger brothers.

Tell us some of your most loved ways to spend the day?

Although I love spending my days at the beach, amoung nature, shopping or at my dance studio, I am a home girl so I love being with my family or getting stuck into a painting. I love having a few days where I don’t have any plans and can be spontaneous as much as I love having a routine that I can stick too and feel some-what organised.

What are some of your favourite life lessons?

Although I am only young, a quote my mum constantly reminds me of when I’m not feeling confident or strong enough to accomplish something, is to ‘Do it afraid.’ She constantly pushes me to step out of where my comfort lies, to feel the fear and to do it regardless.


This month the Basin Haircutters has exploded in a sea of incredible colours. The Jade Nokes SALA exhibition will be located in the Salon for the entire month of August. We invite you to come in and view the fusion of acrylic art on canvas with the dynamic hair styling surrounds.